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Thread: How to unlock 80gig Hitachi IDE HDD

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    How to unlock 80gig Hitachi IDE HDD

    I have a Hitachi 80gig IDE hard drive that is password locked. I was offered the laptop as a present and my friend who offered me the laptop does not even know the password. What is the best way to solve the problem?

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    Re: How to unlock 80gig Hitachi IDE HDD

    The HDD password remains on the chip in the HD Controller. So whenever you connect the drive it ask for password. Now there is some options to clear that out. First you will need the exact laptop from which the hard drive came from. Then you have to look for a small battery which is separately added for saving the hard drive password. The other things is sending the entire system to service center for fresh cleaning of BIOS. If you try any third party tool then that can make the drive unusable.

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