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Thread: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

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    OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    I am here to collect an information about the OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply. Since you guys provide the detailed explanation for the required things, I thought that posting here my query would be beneficial. Along with an information, please also provide the product specifications and other information related to it. I am expecting that someone from your side would provide some useful detailed information sooner.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    OCZ was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, which aims to achieve the demands of those offering high quality products. The American manufacturer is exploding onto the world of the sources with the GameXStream 700W, power rails distributed in four 12 V with 18 A each, enough to cover the high demand for next generation equipment and systems are Dual / Quad Core , SLI or Crossfire. It has plenty of plugs for easy installation with many devices such as RAID systems, etc.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    The following are the product specifications for the OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply :
    • Model - GameXStream (OCZ700GXSSLI-EU)
    • Compatibility - ATX12V 2.2, EPS12V, SLI, CrossFire
    • Dimensions (Height x Length x Width) - 86 mm x 140 mm x 150 mm
    • Weight - 1.53 Kg
    • Entrance - 110 ~ 240VAC @ 50 ~ 60 Hz / 10 ~ 5 A
    • Total output - 700 W
    • Combined outputs -
      • 155 W for +3.3 V and +5 V
      • 680 W for +12 V1-V4
      • 20 W for-12V and +5 Vsb
      • A total of 70 and 50 A at +12 V1-V4
    • Maximum Out
      • +3.3 V: 36
      • +5 V: 30A
      • +12 V1: 18 A
      • +12 V2: 18 A
      • +12 V3: 18 A
      • +12 V4: 18 A
      • -12V: 0.5A
      • +5 Vsb: 3A
    • Efficiency
      • 83% @ 230 V with typical load
      • 80% @ 115 V with typical load
    • PFC - Active
    • Protections -
      • Overvoltage
      • Overcurrent
      • Short
    • Ventilation - 1 fan 12 cm / 5,4 W / Blue LED / Ball bearing
    • Mean time between failure (MTBF) - 100,000 hours
    • Connectors and cable length
      • ATX 20 +4 pin 55cm
      • 4 +4 pin EPS12V 55 cm
      • 2 x PCI-Express 55 cm
      • S-ATA 2 x 55 cm + 22 cm + S S 22 cm
      • 2 x Molex 50 cm + M + M 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm + Floppy

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    As you can see this source is not modular, soldiers carried all the wires directly to the plate, this has the disadvantage of a bit more difficult the task of organizing the inside of our box but also has the advantage of avoiding a possible loss of voltage of about modular plugs.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    The box is sturdy cardboard and measures 28 x 20 x 10 cm. We see from the front a picture of the source and the main characteristics, highlight the logo of the 36 month warranty PowerSwap direct replacement, something to be welcomed if we had any problems. In the supply we have the source, a manual and a power cord. The source is packaged in a bag of air bubbles. The steel casing is painted matte black, also the fan grill is painted this color. The overall appearance is quite professional.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    The fan responsible for cooling the components of the source is a transparent model of 12 cm with 4 blue LEDs. It has ball bearing and has 5.4 W of power which is enough and suggests that it is a bit quieter model, but otherwise to be thermoregulated, this should not matter much. On the back side and we find the typical honeycomb design that maximizes air flow, in conclusion, we have the main plug and switch. On the upper side there is nothing remarkable, is black tea good finish as in the other faces. This is the adhesive side of the technical characteristics with the maximum loads of each line, and combined loads.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    The SLI-Ready GameXStream 700 Watt power equipment is designed specifically for the demanding work surroundings of computing PC aficionado, Power Users, and Gamers. As more and additional gamers take benefit of the gaming reimbursement offered by Multi-GPU Technology necessitates for enhanced power supply solutions augments greatly. The GameXStream features high-quality mechanism to make certain your PCs vital hardware is supplied with sanitary, stable and reliable power without compromising usefulness.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    The wires are good lengths and plugs available are many, six Molex plugs and 6 S-ATA plugs, and 2 PCI-E for configurations of two graphics cards. The cable is 8-pin EPS12V, being possible to separate the plug to systems with only 4-pin connector. All cables are coated with black tights and shrink at the ends with a very good finish. Improves the appearance and improves the order inside the box, making it very easy handling and strategic placement of all cables.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    The weight ascertained with our scale is 1.53 kg, a weight rather small for this power source. Opening the lid first thing that stands out are the unspectacular sinks in the primary phase and active PFC, only aluminum plates are used, while in the secondary phase found a cooler with a plate screwed laterally. Thanks to the high efficiency above 80%, the heat is not very high so it does not require such large heatsinks. At the entrance is a capacitor of 470 V μF/400 is CapXon brand like the most side capacitors. This source is manufactured by FSP-Group/Fortron, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide to produce sources of high quality and reliability.

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    Re: OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply

    Nothing more start the source starts to rotate fan 12 cm, we observed that the blue LEDs shine with ambient light but the effect is not very marked. Importantly, despite appearing to the rear switch is not illuminated. A dark lighting that achieves the four LEDs is adequate and gives a touch modding our case, especially if it has side window. OCZ offers us the guarantee "PowerSwap" 3 years, which deal directly with the manufacturer, the source will send back a defective and we totally new. The box contains the source well away from the 5.25" and the plugs on the motherboard, despite this length of cable are sufficient in all cases.

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