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Thread: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

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    Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    I am looking for the Logitech quickcam pro for the notebooks. I can search it on an Internet but I thought that asking your suggestions would be more useful. Since, you all know the pros and cons of Quickcam Pro i thought to take some advice from you guys. So I am expecting some help from you guys, so please provide me some detailed information about the same.!! Hoping that some guys hanging out there would be interested in helping me out.

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    Re: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    I would like to suggest you to buy a Webcam of Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro, in its case and in excellent condition, compatible with Windows and Mac is used to making video on the Internet or even to take pictures and videos with it. Its small size makes it ideal to carry everywhere.

    You can use your favorite application (MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, etc.).. Some of his qualities are :
    • Easy tracking for easy image capture.
    • Digital Zoom gives you visual control of the image.
    • Stylish and practical Case for transport and storage.
    • Optical resolution of 640x480 video and 1.3 megapixel photo.
    • Contains hooks that can easily adhere it to the screen of your laptop.

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    Re: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    Quickcam Pro for Notebooks from Logitech are more than sufficient to ensure good transmission quality. Even, sometimes, depending on the speed of network connection, may be excessive, causing some courts in the continuity of the image, or jumps between frames. RightLight technology it incorporates, allows for some maximum backlight in dark situations, using the light emerging from one's PC screen to illuminate the foreground of the person whose image is to project into cyberspace and, like the latest Sony cameras The system "Face detection" automatically adjusts white balance and focus to the surface that the software can identify as "face", preventing it fades, even when they do everything that surrounds it.

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    Re: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    You can also check out for the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Notebooks. The look is also classical. Just have a look on it :

    With the QuickCam Deluxe For Notebooks, Logitech offered a webcam with a powerful sensor backed by a glass lens performance. It is also the case of new QuickCam Pro 9000 and QuickCam Pro For Notebooks, which offer a small bonus. In addition to distributing Internet video in high resolution of 1600x1200 pixels, with the 2-megapixel sensor, these webcams would offer video at 30 frames per second. Several technologies are improving the house sound reproduction of the video.

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    Re: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    Even I think that Quickcam Pro 9000 would be the better option for you. Because it is created for mobility. The Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks uses Carl Zeiss optics with function of an autofocus and can shoot high quality 8 megapixel (interpolated). RightLight 2 technology intelligently adjusts settings to deliver the best possible picture even in dark environments. Another strong point RightSound ensure perfect quality to your conversations via webcam proxy.

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    Re: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    The following are the key features of Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks :
    • High Performance Notebook Webcam with Autofocus
    • Carl Zeiss
    • Photos of very high quality (up to 8 megapixels interpolated)
    • RightLight 2 technology for obtaining a perfect picture whatever the conditions
    • Clear sound, no echo through RightSound and high quality mic
    • Desktop Support included
    • Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows ® XP
    • Warranty 2 years

    Hope that you like the features of it.

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    Re: Logitech quickcam pro for notebooks

    This webcam n 'being given may not have expected a high standard-this is the case: whether at the level of image hyper-detailed fluidity perfect once the proper adjustment exposure / gain or found the ease of recording native format (wmv) videos for small but very well made ... not a black dot. (An option to broadcast directly on known sites videos-users). The unit comes with a foot demountable very convenient ... only downside usb cable a bit short but it is the laptop model and an extension is not expensive or difficult to obtain ... A very good operating software that allows you to set up the slightest detail that combines professional-RightLight technology NoEcho Anti-Noise-to-bottom in the fun: filters videos rather classes ... zoom Face Tracking Autofocus etc. .. It has all the skills and quality of a trusted brand - from a noname model to this one I can tell you that I have felt much difference.

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