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Thread: Logitech SetPoint 4.80

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    Logitech SetPoint 4.80

    I have recently downloaded the setpoint 4.80 and when I tried to install that I received the same error of 4.72. That is something like cannot install again. I have also purchased the LX8 cordless laser mouse but still it is not working. The cursor is not moving the buttons; it is not working in the same way when I have purchased it 7 to 8 days ago. Can anybody help me with the Logitech SetPoint 4.80?

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    Re: Logitech SetPoint 4.80

    Well, I just tested the new software version 4.80. So far, the only change I noticed a single "unified" software for the Logitech about upcoming products and incorporated. The setting seems to be really old now 4.80 similar to 4.72, but I have not really found any change in the interface does nor in the function, so I think that is really just to set the value of 4.80 and 4.72 Logitech unified software bundled .

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    Re: Logitech SetPoint 4.80

    It may increase support for new models, but it is running on the existing one. I have also run MX Revolution wireless mouse and media elite Cable keyboard. Only these thing are working right to for uninstall 4.80. I am in safe mode Hand it all to stay out of it, do not do the registration, unless you are comfortable, and then install 4.40, now both the keyboard and mouse works fine.

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    Re: Logitech SetPoint 4.80

    On my unifying receiver it is not loading perfectly, actually I am getting fatal error and the support they are providing is not helpful. I think my $90 bucks gone in drain. Finally the thing is that software is not able to see the receiver because it is not installing in XP 32 bit version. Mouse is working but it cannot be programmed.

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    Re: Logitech SetPoint 4.80

    Logitech SetPoint 4.80 version supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you plan to update from Windows XP to Windows Vista, you should remove it and then configure the new operating system settings. You will update a basic mouse functions. Once the Vista installation, then again configure SetPoint driver you should enjoy the advanced features of your mouse.

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