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Thread: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

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    Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    I am facing the problem while using an external drive in Mac OS X. OS X treats the external drives mounted as belonging to anyone connected to the time. Whenever I am trying to connect it, I am getting the message of "Ignore ownership on this volume". When I tried to search it on Web, I didn't find any solutions, so thought that you guys would prove helpful for me in this case. So please provide me some proper solutions.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    I have observed that many Mac users getting this issue. So according to me if you are not allowed to use the files on a drive connected to your computer (for example an internal drive, FireWire or USB), use the "Ignore ownership on this volume". When you enable this option, your computer treats all files of this volume as if they belonged to the current user, without worrying about an actual owner. This option is especially useful if you need to share the contents of a removable drive on different computers whose users have different accounts. This may also be useful if you have cleared your startup disk by reinstalling Mac OS X. Indeed, this operation creates a new user who may not be recognized as the user "owner" of the drive connected, even if it uses the same name as before.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    To ignore file ownership of a reader, you will have to follow the steps :
    1. First you will have to select the disk and choose Get Info from the File menu.
    2. After selecting that you should click on the disclosure triangle next to Sharing & Permissions.
    3. Lastly you will have to check the box Ignore ownership on this volume.

    Once this option is selected, all files are not accessible. The files with permissions not allowing read access or write to the owner remain inaccessible.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    I would like to recommend that you do not use this option if you plan to use a disk to save files, because the group information and user might be lost. If you are not the administrator of the computer, ask the latter to give you access to the disk. If you do not have access to elements of a network, contact your system administrator to grant you access.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    What I would do is use Disk Utility to create a blank disk image on your hard drive and select encrypted on, when he will create it, you are prompted to provide a password. The disk image can not be mounted with the password (make sure to uncheck the box that says remember the password). Make sure you give the disk image of the space available for your video. Make sure you unmount the disk image when you're done. I do so as a way to keep some files, financial records safe, A document containing all my usernames and passwords for different sites, like banking, car-payment site, website credit card, Etc. because of course, each place has different requirements for usernames and passwords if you can not use the same on all. Now I only have to remember one password.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    MobileMe is Apple's Sync system, which for an annual payment offers variety of services including syncing with your devices. If we think is proper to Apple and think that everything is optimized for apple, so rare is if you get problems. And if you look closely the setup gives you is usually because they usually put our problem (personal experience to speak). It has the disadvantage of Payment, and also need access to apply the changes you make to your computer or Touch, in all your equipment, but has an advantage over Google.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges Error while Copy and Pasting Files

    The core of each file has an owner, group and "everyone" setting - most likely, all your users are in one of two groups - staff or admin. If you put something to be visible to just you and your group more everyone will still be able to see ... So you just want to make the file owner alone can see the file. To add a new wrinkle, it is read, write and execute, but it's probably best to just read the article above and see if it is less confusing ... Note that only focus on the controls Unix instead of the GUI controls, but the concepts are in the permissions dialog box, it should help make all this a little more sense ...Without knowing your users and groups of parameters, it is difficult for me to say.

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