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Thread: Need some information on mATX Cases

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    Need some information on mATX Cases

    I had figured out that GTC GTX 260, GTX 280 and HD 4870 are returning in a micro ATX Antec limp nsk1380. I also think that there might be much better room in the same. But what about the room for two CG in SLI. Also what is the type of motherboard for micro ATX you will advise. I might be planning for overclocking the system and for that I found Asrock G43 Twin FullHD. What you think about the same.

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    Re: Need some information on mATX Cases

    ATX format motherboard will have more connections, ports and a PCI bios voltage less restricted in the case of overclocking. Although a lot of newer motherboards in ATX ough to a very good overclocking stable for everyday use. Micro ATX format wheen it has the advantage of having an integrated video chipset that not mandate the addition of a graphics card, if you do not intend to play of course because the power of video chipset is very low and for some space.

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    Re: Need some information on mATX Cases

    I would like to still spend 2.4 with my E2160, and corsair 450w. For the the same I have a 7900GT. For your proposal is good, but at the same price. Do not worry, the MicroATX form factor provides for a minimum of 1.6V voltage on the CPU which leaves you plenty to push your CPU has more than 3.2Ghz knowing what's around 1.5V for CPU type, you would like 3.4Ghz is not bad if overclocking.

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    Re: Need some information on mATX Cases

    The Micro-ATX (center) is nearly 50% smaller than a mid-tower (right) and offers almost twice as much space at the left. There are several ways to get the computer of his dreams. The easiest way is to go to the dealer on the corner and pay someone to assemble the PC the way you wish, but this approach can quickly become expensive. It is also possible to buy all the components and how to win the chore of any self-assembly.

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    Re: Need some information on mATX Cases

    Choose a housing Micro-ATX is an alternative, although it will still tinkering the system by installing itself on the motherboard, CPU and memory. Micro-ATX format is barely larger than a the system case, even if it can accommodate many more components. Most cases Micro ATX enough room to accommodate several 5.25 and 3.5 inches. The choice of motherboards is also larger and they usually have three PCI slots and one AGP slot. Its small size makes the Micro-ATX suited as multimedia PCs.

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    Re: Need some information on mATX Cases

    For the Athlon 64 or Sempron processors (eg Athlon XP), the choice is more limited. Only a few models support the new locomotive of AMD. Some card manufacturers like MSI also offer motherboards with ISA slot. Nevertheless, the current trend shows that this interface is already destined for scrap. The same is true for AMR and CNR slots, which are no longer used. PCI Express is the future.

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    Re: Need some information on mATX Cases

    Micro-ATX enclosure have virtually all ports and functions proper. The users really need, because each occupies a slot extending internally, and everyone knows there are few. External devices are an alternative to extensions. However, you cannot add or install any externally. This goes for the graphics card, for LAN ports, USB, FireWire, serial and also for memory, of course. External USB solutions are already proposed for audio and there is already a wide range of alternatives for readers and drives.

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