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Thread: 120mm fan dimensions

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    120mm fan dimensions

    Presently, I am at work (so I cannot calculate), and I am having difficulty figuring this out. A 120mm fan, is the 120mm including the twist hole areas or is that presently the fan blades. Shell I be familiar with the fan itself is 120mm but what are the dimensions for the screw holes or is there a diagram that be able to be printed out.

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    Re: 120mm fan dimensions

    How many inches crosswise is the 120mm fan for the reason that my desktop case be able to hold a bigger sized fan than the 80mm(which I am using at present),so I am wondering what the proportions are on a 120mm fan. How many inches is it from Top-to-Bottom and from Left-to-Right. Here is the reply for that. The 120mm fans are 120mm from left to right and top to substructure and they are 25mm thick. You can use the google converter: 120 millimeters = 4.72440945 in or 25 millimeters = 0.984251969 in.

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    Re: 120mm fan dimensions

    If you have pushed your CPU over clock via the accumulation cooler as high as probable/contented, then you are ready to get a innovative cooler in preparation to OC further and observe how high you might get (the CPU, not your even though you are extremely enthusiastic to OCing & tweaking stuff). My goal was to discover the most excellent cooling solution for your CPU although at the same time keeping the sound down to a contented level (i.e., no jet taking off sound levels but additional like air conditioning is working noise level ~ about 30dbs set.).

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    Re: 120mm fan dimensions

    I do not have several extras lying approximately and necessitate being familiar with the distance connecting the mounting holes for a sketch up drawing. I have been to jazzle's site and each 120mm fan has dissimilar mounting proportions, go figure. So do the entire the radiators and it makes it tremendously complicated to align the fans to the rads. Dissimilar mounting dimensions connecting 120mm fans. That's dang peculiar.

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    Re: 120mm fan dimensions

    The entire 120mm fans have the similar accurate mounting holes or else everyone would in addition have to check for companionable fans (which they do not). You know you are a case Modder and you be supposed to not even inquire such a NOOB query but you are doing a Lian Li case build and you do not desire to hand cut the circle with a dremmel or would that be the most excellent solution. You determine to be using a modded fan cover and it determine to be a 120mm blow hole with a blue antec type fan.

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    Re: 120mm fan dimensions

    If you purchase a hole saw create certain it’s for metal. The wood ones heat up to rapidly and cause the case to warp and they do a crappy cutting job. Anticipate spending a diminutive money on it. You might be certain this has been asked once more. But a forum search here and at bit-tech and google has not given you loved. Does anyone have the dimensions of a 120mm fan. You necessitate the OD, the center of the holes, and the inner hole (not as significant as the additional two). Most significantly you presently necessitate the holes (you might measure the outside, is it just 120mm) but you might not correctly get the hole distance.

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    Re: 120mm fan dimensions

    In the back of your systems holder there is a spot to install a rear holder fan. Your question is how you are familiar with what size to get the 80mm or 120mm or no matter what additional sizes there perhaps. Are there several measurements you are able to take to determine which size fits.

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