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Thread: Xfire and dual monitor setup help

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    Xfire and dual monitor setup help

    I have recently got a Powercolor 5770 and foxconn blackops. I am having 8800GS and connected a Samsung 2494HS monitor. Now i am planning to connect dual monitors to this computer system and i want to ask you guys that does it need a single graphic card for each monitor or it would be okay to run both the monitors with a single graphic card. Another display is Sony Bravia KDL20S4000U. What kind of adapters and cable i will be needing to run dual monitors.

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    Re: Xfire and dual monitor setup help

    I suggest you to install 8800 first and please install the proper and latest drivers for it. Then you may start installing the 5770 and same driver procedure for it as well. Now set your primary display as your first 5770 then the second one. If you are using windows 7 then larger monitors will take precedence automatically. Now set the crossfire for your first primary card in order to get a multi gpu performace then you computer system will be using Physx automatically.

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    Re: Xfire and dual monitor setup help

    I have found one device which makes it easier for you to use dual monitors connected with your computer system. Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go are small external devices which you need to use. Plugging the GXM on your existing video card will make you enjoying an advantages of multimonitor display.

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    Re: Xfire and dual monitor setup help

    You would have to use both the video cards. Each one for each monitor. This means that your system must be having a free expansion slot for each one.
    It might happen that you face some problems with an IRQ sharing or DMA channels, actually it depends on your motherboard and video card. You just need to install the both video cards in an appropriate slots then just connect your monitors. I guess you are ready use dual monitor system now.

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    Re: Xfire and dual monitor setup help

    Fabian have suggested you the correct way to set up the dual monitors in your computer system but what if your computer does not have drivers. Actually you operating system must be having a latest drivers for your both the video cards.
    Then make your Device Manager checking that display adapter is properly detected.

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    Re: Xfire and dual monitor setup help

    I would like to tell you that it is not necessary that color depth and refresh rates of each monitor adapter combination have to be the same. You can change the resolution of desktop. Once you have to done it then just click on the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" which enables it. Now click on OK which activates your second monitor as an extension of the first.

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