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Thread: Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

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    Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

    Its been using 3 years that i am using Apples' Macbook but as i have tried it for the first time connecting the dual monitors to it. I have two identical monitor our of which one is connected with a mini-DV and an adapter an another one is having standard connections. But after updating and restarting it, Only mini-DV monitor has been detected and not an another one.

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    Re: Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

    I think i have got a partner to share my problem of dual monitors. Actually the secondary display is not getting detected irrespective of where i have plugged it into. But before this i was using ViewSonic monitor which was working perfectly by using both the DVI as well as Display port adapter. But unfortunately it is not working with the Panasonic projector.

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    Re: Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

    I have seen this dual monitor problems on 10.6.3 problem on many forums and nobody have got solutions yet. I have connected my both monitors with on my macbook which has a 10.6.2 and believe me it is working without nay problems. I think you guys should also switch back to the 10.6.2 so that at least you can use your both the monitors but you may have to compromise with some of the features.

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    Re: Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

    I have faced the similar problem on my macbook as well. Actually i have 2008 MP with ATi 2600 GPU and i am using Samsung 23" monitor and a Samsung 19" monitor and amongst these two, I have connected Samsung 23" as a primary and Samsung 19" as a secondary but only secondary monitor has been detected. Now interesting thing is that both the monitors works fine if i swap them that is 19" as primary and 23" as secondary.

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    Re: Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

    I think i have found a partial solution to this problem about which you all guys are discussing. Even my Mac pro was not detecting the secondary display. This mac pro has GT120 graphics card. By using the DVI it was not working but when i used HDMI cable in a DVI HDMI Dongle which was plugged into the Displayport to DVI dongle then it worked but the resolution was bit different.

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    Re: Dual Monitors not Detected with 10.6.3

    I was having the same problem before some time on my macbook but i guess it would be working with the desktop computers but as i have not found any desktop user saying this, It might happen that it may not work. Anyways actually i have deleted one file called as windowserver plist and then logged in again and display was detected. You can find this file in : /Library/Preferences/

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