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Thread: Printer can not accurately print fonts

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    Printer can not accurately print fonts

    Hi all,

    I am using the printer for file print and found the file in the text font is Arial obviously, but after the printer becomes a handle in italics or other font, may I ask how this is going on, how to solve this problem ? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Printer can not accurately print fonts

    If you want to print pages of the document contains a number of special fonts, and use the printer model and relatively old, then the built-in fonts in the printer not to print the file is likely contained in those pages in a special font, leading to these special fonts can not be identified and the replacement of the printer font. That creates a problem.

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    Printer can not accurately print fonts

    First, go to "Start" menu, Click "Settings < Printers", the printer list in the following pop-up window, right-click the target printer icon from the pop-up context menu in the implementation of the "Properties" command. In the ensuing open the printer properties settings window, find the "as bitmap soft fonts True Type fonts" this setting option, while this option is selected with the mouse and finally click "OK" button. And then to the internet to find the latest printer driver to install. All the best.

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    Printer can not accurately print fonts

    If there is no Windows system, you want to print the document contained a number of fonts, or system contained in a special font that has been damaged, then the printer font file and naturally can not accurately print them out. In order to test whether it is because the system caused by a lack of fonts can not be accurately print failure, you can first use Word-like text editor program will open the file to be printed. Check and reply.

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    Printer can not accurately print fonts

    You need to print the document select all the text, after which then selected text font is set to a different font, and try on the new font file for printing, if the printer can print out the new font file, then it shows that the system is clearly lacking in some special fonts or special fonts that have been damaged, this time those damaged fonts can be deleted, and then through the system installation CD to reinstall something that has special fonts. check and reply.

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    Printer can not accurately print fonts

    May be your operating system to be infected. You can use the latest antivirus software, virus killing the system. You can also check electromagnetic interference, if the printer has a strong magnetic field surrounding the case, also liable to cause printing is not normal, you can remove the printer around electromagnetic devices. All the best.

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