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Thread: Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

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    Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

    Hello all,
    I just put a 1 Gb file on a 4G USB memory drive. Everything transferred over fine but when I inserted it into the computer of my friend, it alerts that the folder was empty. When I checked the properties of the drive it said I still had 1 Gb being used.

    Anyway, I tried to convert the file system from FAT32 to NTFS using what I have searched on the internet. I even formatted the drive completely, checked for errors and deleted everything on the drive and it says "cannot create the elementary file system structure".

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    Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs


    You can enable the NTFS on your drive using the following procedure:

    1- Just right click on the My Computer icon and select Manage.
    2- Now browse the Device Manager and search your USB drive within the Disk Drives heading.
    3- Make a right click on the drive and choose Properties from the list,
    4- Now,go to the Policies tab and choose the "Optimize for performance" option and Click OK.
    5- Then after format the USB drive and choose the NTFS.

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    Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

    I did all whatever you suggested to me but the system is responding me for different task.The system is responding as and it provide me the option to format the drive to ntfs during the selection of devices within the right click and tried to "format".

    The operating system said "Windows was unable to complete the format". I also tried to do it in different way like : "convert X: /fs:ntfs" way but still not usable in the functioning.Can you suggest me something different

    The drive will format good after selecting FAT32.

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    Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

    Officially the HP Drive Key Boot Utility ( is treated for HP disks, but unofficially it treated to perform better during formation of common flash media and digital camera cards also.

    You need to download and install the HP Drive Key Boot Utility from the official site of the HP organization :

    And open the icon created by the software placed on the desktop and choose the appropriate flash drive within the list of devices and choose the file system you need to use like FAT, FAT32, NTFS and then choose Quick Format from the formatting dialog and click on Start

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    Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

    commonly, the formatting options within the USB-attached drive, like a USB key or pen drive are FAT and/or FAT32.

    i.e., You need to right-click on the drive into the Explorer of windows and choose "Format...". whatever,you will commonly see is FAT and/or FAT32. Also on the Command prompt, trying to *force* a NTFS format will evaluate with the below error:

    C:\>format m: /fs:ntfs /v:CryptoStick /x
    Insert new disk for drive M:
    and press ENTER when ready...

    To configure the method of this device is optimized, choose the Policies tab within the device's property area.In case to enable NTFS as a formatting option, you should configure the Policies for the device from "Optimize for quick removal" to "Optimize for performance". The NTFS option will then be ready in Windows Explorer and on the command prompt. i.e.-

    C:\>format m: /fs:ntfs /v:CryptoStick /x

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    Re: Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

    @ Hardwareman,

    I also had the same issue for copying a 4.9GB file from my pc to thumb drive. After converting to NTFS, problem solved.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Convert fat32 pen drive to ntfs

    I too had the same problem of copying a 4.5gb file from my pc to my 8gb pendrive. i followed your 5 steps and it resolved... thanks a lot...

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