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Thread: Hardware Failure

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    Hardware Failure

    I bought a laptop for my personal use an year back.. Although, it was from a leading computers' manufacturing firm, I've gone through series of hardware failures within the one year. That's not the end, I was covered with warranty so I managed to replace the items which were malfunctioning or completely gone dead. Now I am out of warranty and am not wiling to spend any money for repairing or replacing it unless I get a minimum of 3-5 years warranty cover for hardware components from the manufacturer or any third-party trustful source at convenient charge. What do you think should I look out for some source or simply dump the one which is causing trouble??

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    Re: Hardware Failure

    In that case i would suggest you to take your laptop to manufacturer service center and ask them for extend warranty service they will charge you for some amount and after that again you will enjoy all the benefits which you where getting it early, or else you can also sell it of and buy a new laptop.

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    Re: Hardware Failure

    It seems you have gone through a rough patch of time.. You didn't mention the company, if u did it would have helped a lot of us..

    Fun apart.. Most of the users don't go for a cover such a big time 3-5 yrs but since you have repeated hardware failures and must have spent big bucks for repairing it, I can comprehend the situation.

    I covered (Warranty protection) most of my home electronic appliances thru manufacturer (Dell). If u feel it is worth spending go for it as you gonna cover not just your computer but also other essential things as well..

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