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Thread: Multi function printer by Xerox

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    Multi function printer by Xerox

    Hi all,

    I have a small structure based on construction, I need always printing document as well as the copying and scanning. I found the Xerox have launched recently the multi function printer, but i am confused over MFC that what things come under it. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    Multi function printer by Xerox

    Carleton has been replacing all copiers and some printers with multi-function printers made by Xerox. These devices unite the traditional functions of copiers on campus with laser-printing and basic scanning characteristic. The level of the replacement, There are two models of MFPs on market : the WorkCentre 4150 (black and white) and the WorkCentre 7132 (color). The Xerox WorkCentre 4150 MFPs are all set up ready to scan, or as Xerox describe it, "Send to E-mail". You place your documents in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) tray on top or one page at a time on the document glass and it print the document.

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    Re: Multi function printer by Xerox

    Xerox devices employ the term media to signify any kind of paper you might want to print on: like plain paper, letterhead, envelopes, cards, labels, and transparencies. When the device front panel articulate job held for required resources, it's effective you that the next job to be printed require a kind of media that is not at present in the device. Such as, a job formatted for legal length when the trays contain only normal letter size paper. The front panel is signifying you put a exacting kind of paper in a exact tray so this job can carry on. It is easy to print the document.

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    Multi function printer by Xerox

    If you want to duplex printing in new Xerox MFC printer, you can do the following method. There are three places where duplex printing, or any additional printing alternative, can be changed. An option can be changed for this one print device for all computers for all jobs or for this print machine for immediately one computer for all that is default.

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    Multi function printer by Xerox

    It cost print per page is very less. Both printing and copying costs 10 cent per side for Black and White and 100 cent per side for Color. If you have a bulky job, we recommend to go to Printing Service in Leighton 128, where you can print and copy 5 cent for Black and White and 70¢ for Color per side. Check the printer and reply how the experience was. Thanks.

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