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Thread: HardDrive Problem

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    HardDrive Problem

    I'm working on a Dell 9200 about 2 years old. XP Pro. I have two hard drives - internal - one for my operating system and one for storage. WDigital 250's. I was writing to the storage drive and it refused a file, then reported no data. I ran a diagnostic test on it and it failed. I figured it had gone south. I just formatted it and it's reporting a usable drive. I can write to it but of course my data is gone. I back up so that's not a problem. I won't be able to sleep tonight trying to figure this one out. I sure would like to understand this, anyone? I sure appreciate your answers..... Reba

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    Re: HardDrive Problem

    All the peripherals which are connected to computer are very much affected by the power surges and fluctuation. I suppose that you are not using any power surge protector for the computer. Sudden changes in the power voltage affects mostly the Ram and the hard drive of the computer. The hard drive sometime loses the format which creates problems while reading and writing on it. Hence good practice is to use surge protectors and UPS for the computers.

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    Re: HardDrive Problem

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it and will look into a surge protector.

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