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Thread: Problems with Mac Pro

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    Problems with Mac Pro

    Hello friends, I have a Mac Pro which is installed with Mac OS X 10.5 on it. It had never given any problems from the day I bought it but now the Mac Pro keeps on restarting. Whenever the system is booted, it works fine for about 15 minutes and then the system restarts. Sometime the system shuts itself down and I am not able to start the system for 4 to 5 minutes. I cant figure out whether this is a software problem or Hardware problem. So if anybody is facing the same Problems with Mac Pro then please enlighten me with the Information you have.

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    Re: Problems with Mac Pro

    All the apple products come with an Apple warranty cover for 1 year. If the Mac Pro is less than 1 year old then contact the nearest apple service center and get the Mac Pro checked. If the Mac Pro is under warranty cover and if you try to troubleshoot the problem on your own then the Warranty is void. Hence the best solution would be to take the Mac Pro to nearest apple service center and get it checked. The technician at the apple service center will check the Mac pro thoroughly and will let you know what the exact problem is.

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    Re: Problems with Mac Pro

    Many of the problems which are related to the Mac Systems can be solved by doing PRAM reset. Sometimes the system RAM becomes full due to invalid entries getting filed in the RAM. These invalid entries create problems while booting the operating system or while proper working of the operating system. Hence to clear these invalid entries, you will have to perform a PRAM reset. To perform PRAM reset, follow the steps below :-
    1) Locate and find the following keys ( Apple, Option, R and P)
    2) Press and hold the following keys while the system is booting.
    3) Keep the keys pressed till three startup chimes are heard.
    4) Once the 3rd Startup chime is heard, release the keys and let the system boot normally.

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    Re: Problems with Mac Pro

    I think the system RAM chips of the computer have gone bad and need to replaced. For the operating system to work properly, it is necessary that the System RAM works properly. All the processes which are needed by the operating system require system Ram to start. If the system RAM gets depleted and there is no space for the new process to start then operating system restarts itself. Hence check if the RAM are working properly. Remove the RAM from the slots and then replace them again after cleaning the connecting terminals. If you have multiple RAM chips then try booting the system by using single chip at time. If the System does not boot for a particular RAM chip then discard the RAM chip as it may be faulty.

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    Re: Problems with Mac Pro

    By looking at the problem it is clear that it is a clear case of operating system failure. The operating system on your computer has got corrupt and hence the computer is restarting frequently. The only way to solve the problem is to reinstall the operating system on the computer and then see if the computer restarts or not. If you have the install disk of the operating system which you are using, then insert the disk in the drive and then boot the system from the Disk. Complete the Installation process and then reboot the system. Once the system is up again, open the Activity monitor and then see the running processes on the computer. If there are any unwanted processes then terminate the process and see if the computer works properly or not.

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