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Thread: TV Tuner not detected in Windows 7

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    TV Tuner not detected in Windows 7

    Hello to all.

    I just change the configuration of my PC. I'm Windows 7 64 bits. I have a motherboard P5Q turbo.

    My tuner card TERRATEC Cinergy 2004 IDT installed on the PC port I-EXPRESS X1 SLOT , but does not detect.

    Do you have you a solution.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: TV Tuner not detected in Windows 7

    Initially there is a page that allows you to check everything that is compatible with Windows 7:

    In addition there is a hardware verification tool / software for windows 7: Seven Upgrade Advisor
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    Re: TV Tuner not detected in Windows 7

    For working of TV Tuner card with windows, If your pc does not have compatible TV tuner hardware installed, error messages are normal. You must buy and install compatible tuner card :

    • Your PC must have TV tuner hardware installed
    • The TV tuner hardware must be compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate Editions
    • The drivers for the TV tuner must be installed

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    Re: TV Tuner not detected in Windows 7

    PCI TV tuner card, remove the card and reseat it into the PCI slot. Try using the Vista drivers , for many hardware products the windows 7 drivers has not been released yet. Download the windows vista drivers for your card and install it in vista compatibility mode on your windows 7 x64.

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    Re: TV Tuner not detected in Windows 7


    Anything else change on the system? What drivers and software did you use? What are your computer specs? Other hardware specs? Are you using MS drivers or those from the manufacturer? Make/model of computer and version of Windows would help.

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