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Thread: Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

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    Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

    How to create a RAID in Windows Desktop computer. Today more and more motherboards include the chipsets to manage the RAID standard. I had installed a new RAM in my system and I don't think so that it is giving an optimized performance. I need some tools which can help me to test my RAM and figure out the hardware problem if any. And also list some instructions to re-size a partition by Partition Magic.

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    Re: Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

    Once your drives installed, you must then believe that the computer has only one physical disk to enjoy. Therefore to create a RAID volume you can do this, when your computer starts and you see a message "Press Ctrl + I to access the RAID setup, press the two buttons. Here you can see the disk or volume information that the two discs (identical to the example), identified as non-RAID volumes. Then you have to transform these two physical disks (recall that for RAID we need at least two disks) into one logical drive. Select Create RAID utility volume (for "create a RAID volume").

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    Re: Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

    You can simply enter the RAID tool at the time of bootup. Then you can start by by giving a name to your RAID volume. The name is used, for example, name the device corresponding to the boot disk (instead of "C" or "HDD0" for example). Once given the name, press Tab to select the RAID type. On most of the motherboards there are two choices, RAID 0 or RAID 1. RAID 0 is more efficient but does not tolerate failure. It's your choice. Once this choice is made, press the Tab key. You can then to a RAID 0 Strip choose the size. Then Press Tab and then Enter on the option Create volume (volume set). Then type Y to confirm. The RAID volume is created.

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    Re: Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

    Memtest86 is a program that will be very useful for diagnosing problems related to RAM on your PC. Hardware problem most of the time occur when memory timings too high. Run the application and then enter target disk drive type a and press Enter. Insert a floppy disk and then press Enter. Memtest is now copied onto the floppy. Restart your computer has been careful to configure the BIOS so that the computer begins to start searching for a system on the floppy. If all goes well, the program runs. Now your memory is being tested. It is better to let memtest make several passes test (you can access various setup options by pressing the C key.

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    Re: Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

    In Memtest86 there you can use the same to get many useful information to diagnose the problem. It tells you from the address 0 which is the address affected by the error, and the capacity in megabytes before the error. On the screen, just see that the error is located at about 209 MB, this means that if you have two strips of 256 MB (or more) the error will be located on the first bar (on the manual of your card mother, locations and their numbers are clearly stated). You can then open your PC and change the offending strips or to find a stable system.

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    Re: Resize a Partition via Partition Magic

    Partition Magic is a software that allows you to perform many operations on partitions all without data loss. To resize a partition, it is very important that you have disk space available. If you have enough disk space, click in the left menu to resize a partition. A wizard appears. Here, select the partition you need to resize and then click Next. Enter Mb size of the new partition and then click Next. A summary appears. Click Finish.

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