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Thread: Best selection for UPS and PSU

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    Best selection for UPS and PSU

    Hi Guys,

    I have just taken new computer system. I have to buy UPS and PSU for new system, so that I can avoid the any power related problem for computer. But I am not sure which one is the best. My friend suggested me to buy "CMPSU-750TXEU - 750W", do you think this right choice. I will use my computer system more for gaming purposes.
    I need your help to make best selection for UPS and PSU. I would appreciate your help over this .

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    Re: Best selection for UPS and PSU

    Hi friends,

    The PSU of 700W can draws nearly about 700W from UPS. For your information the efficiency of the PSU is comparatively more than the efficiency of the UPS and mostly it is rated as 65%.
    I am using the APC BR1000IN(1KVA ) , and it's is around 66%, so as per this it should run the 680W. But the actual thing is that I never runs 450W also. And in the case of the power loss, it immediately cut-off the power supply.

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    Re: Best selection for UPS and PSU

    Hi friend,

    I recommend you to buy the PSU from the below:
    1.APC SUA1000UXI:
    • It is of 1KVA,
    • The efficiency of this PSU id 81%.
    • It doesn't have inbuilt baterries.
    • The load capacity is 85%.

    • It is of 1.5KVA.
    • It has inbuilt baterries.
    • The load capacity is 88%.

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    Re: Best selection for UPS and PSU


    According to me following are some best PSU available in the market, I am using the "corsair VX 550".
    1. Antec EA 650: It will give you the much power at very low money value f.
    2. Antec EA 500.
    3. CM real power pro 550.
    4. corsair VX 550: Gives you the best power efficiency a\than any other PSU.

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    Re: Best selection for UPS and PSU


    According to me "Corsair" is the best selection for PSU. This PSU high quality power supplies reputation.
    Corsair always has higher marks within technical reviews.
    The advantages of using "Corsair" is that it is more stable, more reliable. Another advantage of the "Corsair" is that it comes with 5 year warranty. The "Corsair" PSU doesn't have issue With 60 amps over a large 12 volt rail. This PSU is able to handle the two video cards within dual mode at a single time.

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