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Thread: Tv tuner card for Windows 7

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    Tv tuner card for Windows 7

    Anyone using TV tuner card with windows 7? I have a Windows 7 Utlimate 64-bit. I have installed this Windows 7 on my old pc that only support windows xp, not even vista and windows 7. So can anyone recommend me good tv tuner card for windows 7 64bit? thanks for any advice...

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    Re: Tv tuner card for Windows 7

    I have a ATI TV Wonder HD 650 , and it works fine under Vista 64 and Windows 7 64. YOu check its more details here , its price on NewEgg is around $84, i bought it from local shop.

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    Re: Tv tuner card for Windows 7

    I'm using WinTv HVR-2250 card , and watch all time tv on windows media center of windows 7. See its details here , i don't know its price , its around of $130 , i know its bit expensive but its giving good performance to me. This works with all builds of windows 7 and works great too with vista. Check it out...

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    Re: Tv tuner card for Windows 7

    I have used the Compro E800 and HDTV Card Pinnacle 800i , and both of them works fine with WIndows 7 build 7077, don't have any idea about the other builds. I can run Windows Media Center nad TVCenter without any issue.

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