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Thread: Antec SOLO Mini Tower Case is better or not

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    Antec SOLO Mini Tower Case is better or not

    I am building up my own computer. I had purchased all necessary hardware and peripherals for the same. Now I am stuck at the CPU case. I have seen Antec SOLO Mini case at a nearby shop. The case looks fine but I need some technical specification of the same. So that I can complete my system. I do not think that a tower case is not necessary here. Only the problem lies in the power supply. I am also going to add up a GPU in that after some time. Is this better to use or not. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Antec SOLO Mini Tower Case is better or not

    It is fine to go with. The case is simply and easy to setup. It is a part of Antec LifeStyle series features. The case features a nice finish on the cover to suit your life style. The backside is normal like other case with proper connector outlet and sufficient room. The design is simple and gives a good look. All in all it is value for money product. You can put all your hardware in it and just check out the power supply. Get a ATX type only for latest products.

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    Re: Antec SOLO Mini Tower Case is better or not

    It is best suited to term as a lifestyle product. The tool also offers you get performance and suitable use. Antec case is solid and durable. There is enough room for ventilation. You can add up a fan to give out more cooling. There is 1 more series called Antec Gemstone-series ATX Mid-Tower. This looks much better than the above one. I will just recommend you to have an eye on it.

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    Re: Antec SOLO Mini Tower Case is better or not

    With no doubt Antec case are just fine to build up your system. The case is easy to setup and enough strong. There are more series available in that family by Antec. Try to see more models. Normally system cases are the most low cost part of a system and does not required much consideration. You will not like to spend a high money on a tower case. Better you watch the case properly. See that you have more than 440w power supply in it. Because a GPU needs draws out more power. And the traditional 220w is not enough for the same.

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