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Thread: Laser or Basic Mouse for Gaming

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    Laser or Basic Mouse for Gaming

    I wanted to know the difference between laser mouse and an optical mouse? Which is better for gaming?Actaully my freind told me to buy laser mouse instead of optical , he said it was better but when i checked the prices , the laser was really expensive , so i wanted to know the benefit before investing , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Laser or Basic Mouse for Gaming

    • The mechanical mouse, whose operation is based on a ball (plastic or rubber) encased in a frame (plastic) transmitting motion to two rolls;
    • The opto-mechanical mice, whose operation is similar to the mechanical mouse except that the movement of the ball is detected by optical sensors;
    • The optical mouse, able to determine the movement by visual analysis of the surface on which they glide.

    The laser mouse is an optical mice that are supposed to be more precise

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    Re: Laser or Basic Mouse for Gaming

    Laser technology is better on paper. The optical mouse suffers from small flaws that are fixed with the laser ,the problem on the surface of glass or highly reflective was solve with laser but the problem surfaces with repetitive patterns. The laser is much better but damn more expensive. But in any case it is the latest generation of mouse after those balls and those in optics

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    Re: Laser or Basic Mouse for Gaming

    The laser mouse is more precise than the optical mouse and "jump" at least on some surfaces. the only problem of a laser mouse is that it should never be far from the transmitter signal.

    LED Optical Technology
    This technology requires no special mat, but it must avoid the reflective media (glass, plastic, shiny, wood varnishes ...) or too dark.

    Laser Technology
    Invented by engineers at Logitech. They replaced the LED optical mouse with a small laser, as the source of light is more intense and focused, giving a better snapshot of the surface.

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