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Thread: emachine power supply failure issue

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    emachine power supply failure issue

    I have an eMachine T2042. Now the problem is that whenever i try to press the power button, the power actually comes on for a second but then goes out. Further looking in to the matter i think i' having some serious power supply failure issue on my eMachine. Can any body tell me that how to resolve the emachine power supply failure issue? Does any body have any idea about it? Kindly provide me the correct solution in order to get rid of the above issue. Would be grateful if any body provides me the correct solution.

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    Re: emachine power supply failure issue

    eMachines computer power supply part numbers to the appropriate replacement or upgrade. It is a PS failure. Maybe the mother board fail at the same time. While the hard drive, cpu, cpu fan, memory module and power supply remain good on most of them.

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    Re: emachine power supply failure issue

    I had the same problem. This is a serious issue involving thousands of machines. It is the motherboard that fails, due to having some bad capacitors. Many models of eMachines computers use standard ATX or ATX-12V (Pentium 4) power supplies.

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    Re: emachine power supply failure issue

    I had a similar problem with my eMachine T4080, it turned out to be the power button itself that was at fault. The problem occurs after the 1 year warrant expires, and sometimes the eMachine will make it to years. In some models the failure rate must be above 50 percent. I took it to the shop, they replaced it for an exorbitant amount of money, cautioned me to press the button V-E-R-Y G-E-N-T-L-Y from now on (apparently this is a known problem with these machines) and it's worked fine for over a year now with no recurrence of the problem.

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