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Thread: HP Deskjet 2545 driver installation problem

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    HP Deskjet 2545 driver installation problem

    I have used HP Deskjet 2545 in the past without any issues but just 1 week ago I reinstalled its driver from the cd that was provided with it. As soon as I try to install the driver I get an error message saying that hpzrein01.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. So can anyone tell me any different methods to install the driver of HP Deskjet 2545 without any issues facing? Thank you
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    Re: HP Deskjet 2545 driver installation problem

    What Operating System you are using? If it is Windows XP then have you tried to install this driver here? Probably you also need to disable your firewall to install the driver, and I have also seen that this problem occurs due to there is some problem caused by autorun.inf that is not working.

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    Re: HP Deskjet 2545 driver installation problem

    First try to uninstall and reinstall the driver then if the driver get installed try to update the printer drivers.

    Application issues
    Ensure that the document is not corrupt by printing a test page from another application.
    Ensure that the page length and margins are set correctly for the paper size.
    Ensure that a sharing device or network is not generating a blank page as a separator page (contact your Network Administrator).
    Ensure that the printer is not feeding two or more sheets of paper at a time because the paper is difficult to separate (break the paper when loading into the printer, do not fan the paper).
    Ensure that the software application is not sending an extra page-eject command.
    Ensure that the application file does not have an extra blank page


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    Re: HP Deskjet 2545 driver installation problem

    Do you have any other computer or can you check on other computer too see if you are facing the same issue? If not, you shouldn't be trying to run the installation software. You should be adding a printer which is shared from another computer and providing the drivers ONLY when asked to do so.

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