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Thread: Difference between a100 and a110

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    Difference between a100 and a110

    Is any one know what is the difference between a100 and a110 Intel processors ? If you have information about a100 and a110 then also provide me it will be helpfull for me


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    Re: Difference between a100 and a110

    The A100 and A110 are two very low-power processors that Intel will offer for computers that come near the PDA as the PC. The A100 is clocked at 600 MHz and the A110 at 800 MHz. The FSB operates at 400 MHz processors are equipped with 64 KB of level 1 cache and 512 KB of L2 cache. They are based on the architecture of the Pentium-M Dothan and are engraved in 90nm. The connector is a new socket, Micro BGA 663. In the end, family processors A1x0 have a TDP of only 3 watts. In comparison, the Core Solo that consumes the least, U1400, reached 5.5 W.

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    Re: Difference between a100 and a110

    The Intel processors A100 and A110 are based on 90 nm process technology featuring 512-KB L2 cache and 400-MHz front side bus (FSB). The processor is a derivative core based on the Intel Pentium M processor architecture that delivers performance. The Intel processors A100 and A110 are ultra low-power mobile processors.

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    Re: Difference between a100 and a110

    The processor is manufactured on Intel’s advanced 90 nm process technology with copper interconnect. The processor maintains support for MMX technology and Internet Streaming SIMD instructions and full compatibility with IA-32 software. The on-die, 32-KB Level 1 instruction and data caches along with the 512-KB L2 cache with advanced transfer cache architecture enable significant performance improvement over existing mobile processors. The processor’s data prefetch logic fetches data to the L2 cache before L1 cache requests occurs, resulting in reduced bus cycle penalties and improved performance.

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