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Thread: CD_ROM Drive Won't Close

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    CD_ROM Drive Won't Close

    I have a computer since two years & has never faced the problem with it. this will be my first hardware problem i may be facing... Suddenly, the CD ROM started working abnormally. i don't why my CD ROM is not able to Shut the tray when pushed or button is pressed. What can on the matter be the problem? Is anyone else facing the same problem????

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    Re: CD_ROM Drive Won't Close

    First of all, it make sure of which your PC is free of any virus or Trojan horse/spywares. I suggest to go online with a of the security and the revision of virus. Once it has confirmed that PC is clean, it can also have a problem of firmware of the unit of CD ROM. To return to the CD-ROM unit of the page Web of the manufacturer to update firmware. Some suppliers on watch to provide the update of firmware free.

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    Re: CD_ROM Drive Won't Close

    There are some similar threads found on same that the problem that I have is the connection… Only if the solution to its problem is there…. I hope that it finds its solution….

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    Re: CD_ROM Drive Won't Close

    While the PC is dull, sometimes to insert a paper clip in the small hole in the front part of the CD-ROM unit, near the door, can solve this. It is the way manual open the drawer. Sometimes, to again disconnect and to connect the power supply to the CD-ROM unit also help.

    Test to eliminate the unit of CD-ROM like a device of Windows and Windows to obtain again to see if the matter improves. To explore otherwise to secure me a new unit. It could be something that has been distorted or worn away - it is a movable part. Lucky, the new units are very cheap in these days.

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