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Thread: Computer makes a clicking sound

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    Computer makes a clicking sound

    I am facing some issue with my computer i have recently install Windows Vista as my Operating system everything was working till last time i used my computer, but today when i am starting it i am getting a very weird clicking sound which makes me very frustrated. I try to turn off my computer it got stopped but when i turn it ON again the sounds comes back. Can anyone tell me from where i am getting this clicking sound.

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    Computer makes a clicking sound

    It might be your hard drive issue because such kind of things happen to lot of people depending on the user behavior this can happen once every few minutes, up to a few times per minute. There are many people who give solution some work for a lot of people , some don't. I would suggest you to take the backup of your drive and get it replace with a new one.

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    Computer makes a clicking sound

    I was also getting clicking sound i went to Seagate service center and told them about the issue they took my Hard drive and did some changes and from then onwards i am not getting any clicking sound from my hard drive. I will suggest you to take your hard drive to your manufacturer and tell them about the issue but before going at there place make sure you had backup for your data.

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