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Thread: HP D5200T Problems

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    HP D5200T Problems

    I had purchased a HP D5200T Desktop PC system a year ago. Now due multiple problems I have decided to upgrade it. So now it is a long time after a purchase I do not have any driver cd and recovery cd for the same. Also as it is working extremely slow and I want to format it. But I cannot do that without the driver disc. Now a problem comes out my DVD is disappeared. Also if possible please list the upgrade solutions for the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: HP D5200T Problems

    You can download the drivers for the same from HP website. The support and driver page gives you all the chipset drivers as per the operating system. The below link will guide to for the same. The page contains all the drivers related to audio, video, network, etc. You HP D5200T is a ATX tower system. So if you want to upgrade to you will have to look for the relevant configuration.
    Download Driver

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    Re: HP D5200T Problems

    To bring you DVD back you will have to uninstall the drive first from Device Manager and then restart your system. After a restart Windows will detect it as plug and play device and install it back again. Check properly the connections and power supply for the same. Other thing if you want the Recovery disc back then here is a solution for that. Go to Start > Program > PC Help & Tools > Recovery Disc Creation. After clicking on it you will see a Welcome screen. Insert a blank disc in your DVD drive and then click on next.

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    Re: HP D5200T Problems

    I am listing the entire specification for your hardware plus the suggested upgrades. You system case is ATX cabinet. You can add up to 8 GB of DDR2 memory, Intel Quad Core 2 processors, up to 1.5TB hard drive, a 16x DVD rw, a additional 16x DVD ROM, External TV Tuner, GEForce 9300 256 MB gpu, etc. The Desktop system normally comes with a ASUS or HP motherboard.

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