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Thread: Samsung Blu Ray Players

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    Samsung Blu Ray Players

    I want to purchase a Blue DVD player for my home theater system. Recently a my friends visit I saw that he is using a Samsung Blu Ray Player. The model number was BD P2500. A stylish thin black color device really caught my interest. I need some more information on it. What is the current model in blu ray player does Samsung has launched.

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    Re: Samsung Blu Ray Players

    The model which you are talking about has launched a year ago. But it an awesome player. It was the first and most advance Blu-ray player. The model supports a full HD 1080p playback, HKV processing chip, 7.1 channel analog audio, HDMI 1.3 output and much more. The player provides awesome video quality. It is truly an great device for a Home Theater system especially when everything is built on HD technology.

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    Re: Samsung Blu Ray Players

    I have a BD-P3600 player. The model number you posted is out dated now and Samsung is no longer selling it. The new series is much more advanced and has more new features in it. Same like the old one a HD support, high resolution image quality, easy pc connection, usb support, wi-fi support, etc. I will advice you look for the more newer version. See Samsung site for the same.

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    Re: Samsung Blu Ray Players

    See the latest Samsung BD-P4600 player. It is the world's slimmest player. An awesome black color look is just very attractive. The player is so portable that you can mount it to wall. It has all latest HDMI support. In addition it is equipped with reading sound formats like dts hd, Dolby Digital True HD, etc. You can sync the player to your media servers also.

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    Re: Samsung Blu Ray Players

    yeah,the one you mentioned seems out dated,the lastest Samsung blue ray player should be the BDP4600,it is very slim and portable, features Netflix/Pandora streaming, HDMI, DivX SD/HD and much more! This disc player is also wall mountable,the price now $349,but you can get a $10 off $75 coupon from heredo you think it's worth considering?

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