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Thread: Suggest a dvd/vcr player recorder

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    Suggest a dvd/vcr player recorder

    Hello friends,

    I am planing to purchase a dvd/vcr player recorder. I went through two of these in a couple of years they are combo dvd/vcr recorders/ panasonic and recently samsung....they both become picky about what they play since i under stood samsung claims to play near anything but often doesn't......and often needs to be reset........Does anyone here to offer me a help to purchase a high quality dvd/vhs recorder player??

    thanks goes for any help...

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    Re: Suggest a dvd/vcr player recorder

    Just bought the above Model DRV-B2737 from Currys to replace ageing VCR & ageing DVD player. It seems fine & for the price £149.I would love to play some R1 DVDs on it.Now am trying to make it Region free.

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    Re: Suggest a dvd/vcr player recorder

    Brother,got some with a relatively inexpensive VCR/DVD Recorder.Magnavox MWR20V6. I bought it about a year ago at WalMart. My purpose is solely to dub VHS tapes to DVD and have used it a lot for that. The only bug is if I dub to a DVD+R disc, the finalized disc will not play on a separate Panasonic DVD player I have; however, if I dub on the Magnavox to DVD-R, it plays fine on the Panasonic. Oddly, the Panasonic will play DVD+R discs that I have burned on my computer DVDRW drive. The Panasonic unit is about five years old; so it may not be a problem with the Magnavox unit, but more that the Panasonic may predate the DVD+R specification.

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    Re: Suggest a dvd/vcr player recorder

    Iremembers a LG model with DIXV playback, but I'm often wrong. I'm sure the Samsung would be fine as well.On the other hand you have Toshiba DVR650 has a ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner built in.There are many more manufacturers that offer NTSC/ATSC tuners in their CVD/VCR combo units. Sony makes two models with NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners The RDR-VXD655 and RDR-VXD455. Again, AVI support is not mentioned.

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