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Thread: CDRW not writable?

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    CDRW not writable?


    I recently bought a few Memorex 700MB CDRW's i would use this cd in order to burn things with my old HP 8X4X32.but am now with my 40125S,and when i got the error the cd is not writable ever I try to use NERO to burn to one of the CDRWs

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    Re: CDRW not writable?

    Why you changed your old burner if it is working with your Memorex?why you did this?if it is working burn it with the same..else i need to ask that you new burner is reluctant to burn the files only with NERO software if it is may be software issue..make sure that the cd you put for burning is good one manufacture defect is not problem of your burner and confirm your burner is in good working condition...

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    Re: CDRW not writable?

    If you formatted and wrote to the discs with DirectCD or InCD, then you will not be able to write to the CD-RW discs with Nero as long as l the discs are erased to get back original condition.

    In Nero, choose Recorder> Erase ReWritable>Full-erase rewritable media to erase the CD.after the CD-RW discs are erased this method, you should be able to write to them at 4xif that speed is rated.If you have a packet writing program loaded and insert one of the discs, the properites should tell you the rated writing speed.If the discs were originally rated for 2x, you can't use with the Lite-on burner and a premastering program. The minimum writing speed for ISO recording with the Lite-on is 4x. use them for packet writing or with another burner that allows burning at 2x with premastering programs,If the discs are rated for 2x.

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    Re: CDRW not writable?

    Change the CD and then try. If problem still same then you should use another CD burning software or you should uninstall and reinstall the software then try to burn.but remember If you are recording a music CD, the disc needs to be blank to begin the recording. If you are recording a data CD or DVD, you may be able to append the disc with additional data files until the disc is full.

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