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Thread: How does a processor works

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    How does a processor works

    I am working on a project work on computers. I want to know how does a processor works. What is its main function and feature of a cpu. As I know it is the core part of a system. How it performs as action in the computer. How a chip performs several thing in a computer. I am still confused about this. I need some technical reference for this. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How does a processor works

    The cpu is the core part of a computer. It is the most powerful chip inside a pc. It is normally termed as the brain of a computer. The primary function of a cpu is to integrate a circuit. That means providing commands to the different hardware which is in electrical forms. For example you press A from a keyboard. When you press a button a small fraction of electric current is passed which is translated in to command by a processor and then you see adisplay. The speed of this function is extremely fast.

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    Re: How does a processor works

    CPU consist of two components. A ALU and CU. This two components preforms all the action. The first one Arithmetic logic Unit calculates the functions and the second one Control Unit control and process them. Use a bus line the cpu sends and retrieves information. The higher the bus capacity and more higher the system performance. Today cpu are highly intelligent and advance. As compare to old models they gives and awesome performance.

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    Re: How does a processor works

    It is important part of a system which takes data as a input and processes it. Then it generate output on the base of input. It is more like us. We see and we react. In the same way when you click on the icon it receive an input command. Then the cpu process it and send signals to the different hardwares. The inputs are in the form of electrical currents. Co-ordination with different hardwares of system is also a important work of a processor.

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