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Thread: Which the best Mini PC

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    Which the best Mini PC

    There is a quiet big range of small and branded desktop computers and laptops. I want to buy a small and portable computer for a business purpose. The traditional towers are very large and heavy to move. Can anyone tell me which is the best mini pc in the market right now. What are the technical specification of that computer. Thanks.

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    Re: Which the best Mini PC

    You are right. There hundreds of companies in the market with multiple brands and features. This make a buyer more confuse which to buy and which to not. I am using a Shuttle XS29F computer. A small fanless computer which gives all that a traditional computer gives. It is the first VIA nano based model. It ahs VIA nano processor which gives awesome performance and power efficiency. It is small, durable and very light in weight.

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    Re: Which the best Mini PC

    Why don't you go for eee pc. An awesome 10 inch laptop. Go to the site of eee pc and see the favorable size you want. The size starts from 7inch and goes to 10 inch. The eee pc 701SDX is the smalles in the race. Come with portable 14GB hard drive and linux operating system. It comes in multiple color. The processor in it is Intel Celerom M 353, with 521 RAM and HD support.

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    Re: Which the best Mini PC

    I have a portable MAC Mini desktop pc. It includes nvidia grahic card, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and Apple iLife. The size is just 65. inch in length and 2.0 inch think. You can imagine. See the image below. The small white box on the left side of screen is Mac Mini.The price range starts form $599. It has 120 Gb and upgrade upto 320 gb of hard disk. You will get 1GB memory along with Mac Leopard operation system.

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