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Thread: Neet Information on cerwin vega cls speakers

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    Neet Information on cerwin vega cls speakers

    I have just installed a complete home theater system at the residence. Here in a specific room I want to add two more tower speakers. The retailer who sole me the system suggest to me to go with cerwin vega cls series loudspeakers. I had never heard about it. But some one told me that it the best quality speaker in the range of tower series. Is there anyone using it. I want to now more about the features and the audio quality of this thing. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Neet Information on cerwin vega cls speakers

    It is a best choice if you want to go for the tower speakers. Cerwin Vega CLS has high sensitivity with a big time bass. The price is quiet high. The speakers includes two 15 inch woofers. In the front a waveguide loaded tweeter is placed. It is fast and dynamic product. The tweeter are blended very efficiently. The audio quality is awesome. The crossover frequencies of woofer is 280Hz from the woofer to the midrange and 2.4kHz from the mid to the tweeter. It has an unique strength in handling a surround sound process.

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    Re: Neet Information on cerwin vega cls speakers

    Cerwin Vega cls speakers are cool product which were very reliable in handling the sound quality and a much better performance. The sound is extremely clear in the high volume also. There compatible with multiple audio devices and very easy to configure. The tonal balance goes around 95dB without any compression. The look is quiet stylish. It has a black ash wood finish and looks very attractive. It is very essential for dedicated audio rooms.

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    Re: Neet Information on cerwin vega cls speakers

    Cerwin Vega CLS are one of most renowned tower in the range of classic series. It is gives you a three way performance with an stylish look. It has an 6.5 inch mid range speaker along with 1 inch soft dome tweeter. It gives an really awesome bass outout. They are big speakers with big sound performance. It is an value for money product. These are best suitable for home theater system and audio rooms.

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