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Thread: How to create a DVD movie with title screen

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    How to create a DVD movie with title screen

    I created a video using windows movie maker,by transferring my dv tape film to my laptop. I have 3 film files in the AVI format and added these to the storyboard, created a title screen and with transitions selected between the 3 parts.What I want is to have the options "play" and either "scenes" (corresponding to the 3 films) or to have 3 buttons for each of the films for the user to select. is there any way to add a menu/title screen so that you could navigate through the DVD easily, etc.?

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    Re: How to create a DVD movie with title screen

    It is absolutely possible to create the DVD movie with the title screen. The DVD menu would only be available if you happened to burn the movie onto the DVD through Windows DVD Maker.Evey option would be available to you on your DVD burner but you should be very careful while selecting the DVD Burner. Straight from Movie Maker would only cause a repeated loop. you'd need to use Windows DVD Maker or something similar to burn the DVD. Of course, you will also need a CD/DVD drive that allows for the burning of DVDs.

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    Re: How to create a DVD movie with title screen

    • For printing DVD screen you may make use of Quicktime software, Open Quicktime
    • Select File which you wanted to burn on the DVD, Open Image Sequence which should be printed on the DVD.Select File and save that file as Save As.
    • Select a file name and Save as a self-contained movie
    • You will also need to find an option for Open iMovie HD and Create a New Project.
    • Now just Drag the movie you created in Quicktime into the iMovie project.
    • Select File > keep it for Share.
    • Or else you may also Select the iDVD tab and click Share. This will send your movie to iDVD.
    • Click the Customize button in iDVD to select a theme for the title screen. Add photos and text to the title screen as needed.
    • The last step is to Select File > Burn DVD... to burn a DVD, or File > Save As Disk Image... to save your DVD as a DVD image.

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