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Thread: How to Add chapters to a DVD?

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    How to Add chapters to a DVD?

    I have Number of Video files, and willing to copy all those video files on the DVD with the chapter format, this is what i usually seen in the movie file which i brought from the video library, i saw one good thing about the chapter is that the whole picture is divided into a small small part and because of that we do not need to see the full picture if we want to see the particular picture. Please help.

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    Re: How to Add chapters to a DVD?

    I will suggest you to use staxrip, this is because staxrip supports chapters. I extract them from DVD .IFO files with freeware Chapter-X-tractor. I use OGG preset for that because I've never had any problem with it especially when using custom chapter names. This can be done by editing the "navigation commands". Simply click the "nav cmds" button, and the navigation command window will appear. To change this, click title 1, then change the action using the dropdown box. In this situation, choose "call menu".

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    Re: How to Add chapters to a DVD?

    Click Edit along the top of the interface before clicking Convert Now, If you are burning several files to a DVD, click the Auto Add button to the right of the interface to set markers in the beginning of the each file. you need a new (or unused) program to register it as a chapter. You can create a new program e.g. in the beginning of one of the cells of an existing program (if it has more than one cell). But if you want an exact point for the new chapter, you'll have to split some cell, then insert a new program at split point, then make it a chapter.

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