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Thread: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

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    Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    please i bought a new packard bell laptop but i cannot remember the model right now because am not with it at the time i sent this message, i wanted to install a new windows operating system but the laptop is not reading from the cd drive in which i can use in formating and reinstalling the system, so i went to the system setup and the IDe secondary was disabled, please how can i install another OS on the computer , please any one who can help me pls post it here, thanks

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    Re: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    Adding an Operating System

    At the command prompt, type:
    bootcfg /copy /d Operating System Description /ID#
    Where Operating System Description is a text description (e.g. Windows XP Home Edition), and where # specifies the boot entry ID in the operating systems section of the BOOT.INI file from which the copy has to be made.

    For more information :

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    Re: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    why the cd drive not reading??/error with the installation cd? or
    any defect for your cd drive, if you have further use with the drive
    why can't you replace your cd drive??

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    Re: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    the cd drive is very ok bcos b4 i formatted the HDD, i was using the cd drive for installation, currently there is no operating system on the laptop, how can i load an operating system on it, please help me

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    Re: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    Check this guide to install or upgrade to Windows XP, Before you start, you must have your Windows XP installation CD and the product key available.

    How to install or upgrade to Windows XP

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    Re: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    Well the problem has to be with your CD. Check if its working with your friends pc?
    reboot the laptop.
    The drive access indicator should flicker when you access data on the CD-ROM drive
    Why dont u try linux?
    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Packard Bell Laptop Solution

    the CD light flicker but it stop after a while and the system automatically go back to the previous OS which did not complete installation, i was trying to install windows vista business b4 this horrible incident happened and the boot device is the CD-ROM drive

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