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Thread: What is drive's Volume Label

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    What is drive's Volume Label

    I am a Windows Xp user, due to some reason i formatted my hard drive. Once i finished, it asked me to enter the volume label. i dint go it.

    Could you guys, explain me what is Volume Label ?

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    Re: What is drive's Volume Label

    The name you assign to the drive is Volume Label.With IBM compatible computers a volume label is a unique name commonly assigned by the user to a storage medium.This value changes every time a drive is formatted. No, there's no way in VBA to retrieve the manufacturer's serial number or the BIOS number.It is an identifying stick-on label attached to the outside of a tape reel or disk cartridge. The label is handwritten or printed for human viewing.

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    Re: What is drive's Volume Label

    Your volume label is whatever your harddrive (C:\, D:\, etc. ) is named.To find the Volume Label of your hard drive, in my Computer, right click the drive and select Properties. In the General tab, the volume label is the name in the top box. Or go t control panel than administrative tools and click computer management than storage and finally disk management.

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    Re: What is drive's Volume Label

    Thanks for the quick help. That is all i wanted to know as i was very confused when i got the message after formatting the drive.

    I appreciate your help.

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