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Thread: Hard disk does not boot

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    Hard disk does not boot

    After a successful installation of Windows Vista, I wanted to wind up the Dell Media Direct on my Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop with two hard drives installed. There was a demolition. The subsequent reboot failed. Windows Vista no longer starts. The second internal hard drive can no longer respond. With the help of the installation DVD, I have noticed that the Windows files on D: instead of C: will be run. The second hard drive D: under DOS is not to be found. When booting the computer stops with the message "no bootable device". In the BIOS both disks are visible. Also available with a Linux Live CD, I can not access the second hard drive, but the first disk with the operating system (the old C: now all at once D is visible.

    For help with problem solving, I would be very grateful.

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    Re: Hard disk does not boot

    Have you ever checked in Disk Management after seen whether they can be found and for which there are indications.

    You can also check in BIOS. Have you done that ???

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    Re: Hard disk does not boot

    Apparently, in addition, a second hard disk has now apparently in the boot priority than the first set built. That in any event would explain the 2 symptoms. 1) no bootable device (logical), and 2) Windows is suddenly found on D: drive.

    Yes, of course not. Under normal circumstances, Windows XP on an NTFS partition, which DOS does not read or recognize.

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    Re: Hard disk does not boot

    Thank you for the answers.

    The Windows Vista operating system will not start. Yesterday came the message "no bootable devices". This morning, after switching was the message (not that I've changed something) "BOOTMGR missing." I then once again with the operating system Win Vista DVD and start the repair function. There came the message "The partition table does not contain a valid system partition". The bug was supposedly fixed. Is not true: the machine runs is still not high. Windows does not start. Second hard drive is still not accessible, but visible in the BIOS.

    What to do? Do you have an idea? On the second disk are important data.

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