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Thread: Quarter mod ksc75 to pads

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    Quarter mod ksc75 to pads

    Check out this Koss KSC75 Stereo Phone

    The KSC75 Titanium Stereo Phone delivers unbelievable sound reproduction while clipping comfortably over the ear. Soft, foam ear cushions, guarantee an open, hear-through sound-perfect when you want to stay connected to your surroundings. Pivoting earplates provide a better fit than most clips.

    The KSC75 features dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response from 15-25,000 Hz. A 2 mil. titanium coating on its diaphragms increases the rigidity of the element Minimizing mechanical distortion and ensuring exceedingly accurate sound reproduction. Computer-optimized Neodymium iron boron rare earth magnet structures allow the KSC75 to deliver greater volume, even with low-voltage portable devices. Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer sound. Perfect for travel, the KSC75 includes a straight dual-entry four-foot cord, and a L-shaped gold-flashed 3.5mm (1 / 8 ") plug.

    A popular model in the Koss Stereo Phone line-up, the KSC75 delivers outstanding sound at home or on-the-move.The KSC75 is covered by the Lifetime Warranty

    but i am looking for some modification .I plan on doing the mod the Quarter mod with pads but dont know proper way can any one help me ?
    thank you

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    Re: Quarter mod ksc75 to pads

    you need to drill holes but for cutting out the foam i am not sure you need to ask someone also get good knowledge of drilling the holes as it is more delegated and check out connections before drilling.

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    Re: Quarter mod ksc75 to pads

    see this this is the result you looking for

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    Re: Quarter mod ksc75 to pads

    this what required that i found for cheap modification

    • Quarter Mod to the Pad = lets out more highs and mids, less muddled sound
    • Kramer Mod = UNLEASHES the treble, makes these things shine
    • Recable Mod = tightens up the sound, increase in overall clarity especially if you have a Koss cable with an in-line volume controller
    • 75 Ohm resistor mod (soldered in parallel) = tightens the bass so its less muddled/flabby

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