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Thread: New SanDisk MicroSD 32 Gb Memory Card

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    New SanDisk MicroSD 32 Gb Memory Card

    I came to know that a 32 Gb microsd memory card is going to come in the market soon. 32 Gb it is really a big size. I wonder weather if the 32 Gb memory card is filled with movies, music, etc isn't the device will work slow. I am using a 8 Gb micro card in my mobile. When i add a excess of application and other garbage the mobile acts unexpected. I know about 16 Gb micro card. Tell me more about the 32 Gb micro card like when it going to be available, price, devices which supports expandable memory upto 32 Gb.

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    Re: New SanDisk MicroSD 32 Gb Memory Card

    SanDisk is one of the best flash memory card manufacturer in the market. They first launched 8 Gb, to 16 Gb and now and really large size of 32 Gb. The 32GB Ultra II SDHC card compile with industry standards. SanDisk announces that the new 32GB Ultra II SDHC card can store more than 8,000 high resolution pictures or upto 40 hours of video.
    It offers a faster read and write speed up to 15 MB per second. It is basically suitable for those high resolution camera which gives a best quality images. It has also increased the capacity of video recording. It gives a relief while capturing thousands of images.

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    Re: New SanDisk MicroSD 32 Gb Memory Card

    SanDisk is planing to launch the card soon. According me it has not yer available. But you can havd 16 GB and 8 GB modules. I giving you the list of supported devices for the 32 GB MicroSD cards. They normally work in all devices with MicroSDHC support.
    Nokia Phones : Nokia E51, Nokia E65,Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia E90, Nokia N81, Nokia N82, Nokia N95, Nokia N96.
    Computers : Asus EEE PC (with SD-adaptor), HTC Shift (with SD-adaptor), SDHC-compatible card readers (USB)
    Windows Mobile : Samsung SGH-i900, Samsung SGH-i780, Samsung SGH-i550, Samsung SGH-G810, Toshiba G910, Toshiba G710, HP iPAQ 614 en 914, HP iPAQ 114 en 214 (with SD-adapter), HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Diamond / Pro, HTC S620 (with Windows Mobile 6 update), HTC S710, HTC S730, HTC P6500 (with SD-adaptor), HTC Touch, HTC Touch Dual, HTC Touch Cruise, HTC TyTN II, HTC X7500 (with MiniSD-adaptor), HTC X7510 (with MiniSD-adaptor)

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    Re: New SanDisk MicroSD 32 Gb Memory Card

    The SanDisk 16 GB and 32 GB will take time to come in the market. Device are already which supports expandable memory up to 32GB. The card is quiet fast in reading and writing data as per review given by sandisk. It the the highest capacity micro card till today's date. The prices is still a suspense. But as the card came in shops you came to know. I too looking out for the same.

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