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Thread: Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch

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    Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch

    I have seen Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch on certain buy-sell site for sale. I have read somewhere that it can be used for internet sharing. Will this be really helpful for me to share internet with many machines? I want some information on this Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch. Possibly if you can provide me a user manual, that will be helpful. Thanks

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    Re: Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch

    I purchased it since I have a need for a switch and it was very inexpensive. I brought it home and it was easy enough to hook it up. Unpacked it and plugged in the power adaptor and network cables, and I was up and running.

    If you are planning on connecting computers only through the switch, this will work just fine. The transfer rate between the computers hooked up through the switch was as good as advertised.

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    Re: Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch

    As about the manual for the Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch, you can download it from the official site of Belkin. It is available in the PDF format.

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    Re: Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch

    Hey, thankyou for providing me the user manual. I will download it and I think that will help me a lot. And yes, I forgot to mention that Belkin F5D5130-5 Switch is particularly good for Sharing internet if you don't have DSL, otherwise you would need a router, not just a switch.

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