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Thread: Creative Audigy Sound Card Not Detected

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    Creative Audigy Sound Card Not Detected

    I Have a Newly Purchased Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer sound Card , After the installing the Card in Pci slot When i tried to the install the Software for it i got the the following error message that "Setup Could Not Detect any Sound Blaster Card Audigy on your system"
    It My Sound card is Bad or something is wrong with my System please help me solve these problem

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    Re: Creative Audigy Sound Card Not Detected

    Hello , You will need to download WinZip or WinRar Drivers Files from Creative and then open the Audigy driver pack with it. Extract its entire contents into c:\temp or somewhere similar. Following that, go to the device manager and double click the “PCI Audio Device” item. Click on the Update Driver button, and browse to the directory where you extracted the Audigy driver pack’s contents. Go through those misc. steps, and all should be well.

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    Re: Creative Audigy Sound Card Not Detected

    Remove (delete) your sound card from Device Manager. Then shutdown and physically remove the card. Reboot and run the system without sound. Any changes?

    Do a CLEAN install of the video drivers as follows
    • Go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers.
    • Download Driver Cleaner PE (2.5MB) from here and place it on your desktop.
    • Uninstall your display drivers via the Windows control panel (only the display drivers!!) then reboot into Safe Mode.
    • Once in safe mode, open Driver Cleaner, click 'Tools' and select 'Cab Cleaner', click 'Start' and wait till it's finished. When finished click 'Close', next select your make of graphics card in the drop down box and click 'Start'.
    • Once finished, reboot into normal windows mode.
    • Install your new drivers. DO NOT let Windows do it for you via the wizard, cancel the wizard and double click your driver file that your downloaded.
    • Reboot.

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    Re: Creative Audigy Sound Card Not Detected

    How are you installing them ?. Make sure you uninstall drivers when needed OR have the needed update installed before installing a new driver. For example the latest creative driver needs a older driver installed before installing the new.




    Have you try doing a manual driver install. Unpack the driver .exe and point the installer to the .inf file. Or use the CTZAPXX.exe (think it's named the same in all drivers) installer also inside the driver .exe

    Autoupdate should work with drivers as well.

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