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Thread: Problem with usb stick of OCZ 32GB

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    Problem with usb stick of OCZ 32GB

    I have a usb stick of OCZ 32GB. So it is now recognized as a Removable Disk.
    Can i format, using the same HP. Even with UBCD. Unable to access the same key with Restorer2000 or Easy Recovery.
    Is there something to do?

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    Re: Problem with usb stick of OCZ 32GB

    It's important not to confuse ExpressCard with the older, now outdated CardBus standard from a few years ago. CardBus devices are physically much wider and a little longer, and used for many years as the primary expansion bus for notebooks needing additional connectivity. Fast forward to modern times, and ExpressCard has moved in as the new expansion standard of choice. ExpressCard allows access to the system bus over PCI Express and USB 2.0. In the case of the OCZ Slate 32GB SSD ExpressCard, access to the system bus is over USB 2.0 internally, and the Slate 32GB shows up as just another USB device on the bus.

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    Re: Problem with usb stick of OCZ 32GB

    If your primary HDD is getting full, you can move non-essential files over to the slate, where they are still accessible but not taking up precious hard drive space. Your music files and digital photos might be a good place to start.

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