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Thread: Hard drive controller board

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    Hard drive controller board

    Where can i buy controller board for seagate hard disk.

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    Re: Hard drive controller board

    Where are you located? If you are in mumbai then try going to the lamington road area which is the central hub for all pc hardware shops in mumbai.

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    Re: Hard drive controller board

    As per my knowledge you don't get the controller boards from the manufacturer... You need to contact some chip level repair person...

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    Re: Hard drive controller board

    I would think you would need to contact manufacturer for that propose.

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    Re: Hard drive controller board

    Hello, You can buy at any computer assembling shop near to your place. But why you wanna swap your controller? There are two controllers on most MBs. If one is not working try swapping the cable to the other controller header. If still no go, try connecting the HD to another system to find if the drive is good. If the drive spins up but won't POST try installing as a slave. You may be able to retrieve some files.
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