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Thread: Dell computer is Making Immense Noise

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    Dell computer is Making Immense Noise

    hi there

    My computer is too loud that it sounds like a factory machine.

    My Dell computer makes sounds like which can irritate anyone for about five minutes, then it stays quite for a while, and after sometime it starts with that sound again.

    The sound also occur's even when the cpu usage is below 5%.

    Anyone know what could be the causing this?

    Please help me regarding this

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    Re: Dell computer is Making Immense Noise

    If you are able to change the sound of your computer by adjusting the video settings I'd bet that your video card's fan is either dirty or dying.

    I'd start by opening your computer case, and looking at your video card - most likely the fan will be caked with dust. Use some compressed air to blow the dust out of it, and get things freed up again. Restart your computer and see if that made a difference. If it didn't, you may have to try to replace your video card's fan.

    If you can't find a direct replacement, you may be able to unplug the existing fan, and install a pci slot fan in the slot next to your video card. Monitor temps closely if this is the case, as you don't want to burn up your card.

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    Re: Dell computer is Making Immense Noise

    It's most likely dust if this is a new thing. If not you may want to replace your fans, or if it's really necessary your heat sink.

    I don't particularly like dells and I know they are typically louder among other things..

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    Re: Dell computer is Making Immense Noise

    Now that you know it's a fan problem you have to decide if you want to replace the fan or try to repair it. If the PC is still under warranty then go for the replacement option (after all, it won't cost you anything and you did pay for that warranty). If the faulty fan is on a slot-type CPU (i.e. the CPU and fan are built into a thick board that sticks up from the motherboard) then I'd opt for replacement. If the problem fan is in the power supply and you're not confident with electrical safety issues then opt for getting it repaired or replaced professionally. If you want to try repairing the fan.

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    Re: Dell computer is Making Immense Noise

    f it's the power supply fan that is causing the problem then carefully remove the PSU box (this is usually achieved by removing four screws from the back of the case that attach the PSU to the case). Depending on the style of case and the length of the power cables you might be able to lift the PSU box up and rest it on the case, or you may have to disconnect some or all of the power cables in order to be able to lift the PSU box out. Remove a couple more screws and you should find the PSU box comes apart. Take a note of which way round the fan is so you can replace it correctly and remove the four screws holding the fan in place and lift the fan out (you may have to unplug it first).

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