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Thread: PC restarts despite extinction

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    PC restarts despite extinction

    Hello everyone,

    I have following problem,

    The problem: When my computer, it "restarts", well, not quite: the stage of extinction of windows is going on normally, but when all the off should start running, the front lights and LED lights DD although I do not SD ... in short, nothing appears on the screen and I am forced to shut down the computer via the switch on the power supply. Note that I started to do that after I do not know what in fact, nothing happen overnight, we would think it came from installing a USB mouse Logitech G5, but I did not encounter the problem of 3 or 4 days following its installation.

    The gear: the motherboard is a Gigabyte 965P ds3 and version of BIOS is f4.
    the food is a ANTECH if I am not mistaken (yes my pc not long ago) which contains all that is a Sonata II (in case it would be the power button which would cause ...)

    What I tried: after a day of use all that is normal I wanted to try to cut through a live ubuntu cd history to see what it gives (so I restarted it) : same result as if I had cut directly through Windows (XP in passing).
    I tried the CMOS
    I checked all the power options in the BIOS (unless you are con or be passed next to a primary option, but I do not see how I do)

    What could be annoying: If I remember correctly the problem goes back to the days where I had internet, so I CROUS modem, but I am happy to do it with Windows and Linux but not Windows, and I await your opinion.

    What should I do (give your opinion on that): a memory test
    start the computer in court circumventing the power switch on the cm (if you know what I mean) an update BIOS

    In advance, thank you for your help, if you need more information / details, please.
    More could you tell me if this is really bad to cut my pc as I do (ie, with the button on / off the power supply)

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    Re: PC restarts despite extinction

    Hi. Turn off the PC by switching of the power supply which is not brutal. In fact the solution is to start disconnecting all the unwanted processes running at the back of system.
    As you said that you did not changed processor and I guess you did not put your Bios updated, but it is advisable.
    The memory test will likely nothing since the memory does not restart the computer.
    Try unplugging already in on the button and respond accordingly

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    Re: PC restarts despite extinction

    Hello, there is something new:
    I tried to check if it came from the power button, it is not the case.
    By against I had the opportunity to look at what happened in the tower when I cut the cpu fan turns off the bulk of the tower fan is running as well as the graphics card. I left a moment and look after 1mn the cpu fan turns 2-3s and cuts (DD stops spinning in the wind and all is stop). Then after 10-20 seconds we go again the same way when I cut and everything has calmed down.

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    Re: PC restarts despite extinction

    I turn off my pc by pressing the power button, when I was in the bios and it has cut problem.

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    Re: PC restarts despite extinction

    Excuse connection problem (change of supplier). In my opinion C may be a false return or contact the modem power. By unplugging the modem. Otherwise disconnect and reconnect all internal + external.

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