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Thread: 5.1 surround speaker or 7.1 surround speaker

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    5.1 surround speaker or 7.1 surround speaker

    I am trying to find a surround speaker in the $250 or less range and keep running into the numbers above. these just tell how many speaker inputs there are right? if im going for a typical surround sound, then 5.1 should be enough right. 5 speakers plus a seperate powered sub should do it right? also do these receivers need to have any sub input or output? thanks
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    Re: 5.1 surround speaker or 7.1 surround speaker

    For the opportunity to hear a 7.1 kit, I have not found any fundamental differences with a 5.1, but it was not upscale for it too difficult.

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    Re: 5.1 surround speaker or 7.1 surround speaker

    if you want a good 5.1 (the difference between a 5.1 or 7.1 unless you have a room of 90 m2 I do not see the interest)

    I advise you this: LOGITECH Speakers 5.1 Logitech Z-5500

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    Re: 5.1 surround speaker or 7.1 surround speaker

    Most PC users to simply plug a headset speaker or stereo headphones. Sound cards and audio chipsets current offer of 5.1, see 7.1. So why not take advantage?

    The 5.1 means that the PC has a 6-channel sound: it has two satellites in front of us, two on the sides at the back for surround sound, a central speaker which is most often used to reproduce the voice films and a subwoofer. The latter is represented by the .1 of 5.1 expression.

    There are now 5.1 kits for everyone. There are modest systems for those who wish for multichannel without ruin. Other systems simply costaud pour shaking buildings intact but whose quality is not always the strong point. And finally the systems provide a discreet design and sought to limit the congestion caused by four satellites and a central speaker.

    We must preserve the consistency of the audio portion of the PC
    The question is what fits your budget but also for your sound card. Because all the audio from your PC must be uniform. Nothing is to invest more than EUR 300 in a kit if you use a single integrated audio chipset. On the other hand, if you have already invested in a good sound card, it is better to choose the speakers who will enjoy it.

    Outside the PC kits 5.1 can also be used in the living room to connect on a DVD player or game console without having a decoder, it will at first to benefit from Dolby Prologic I & II, which is supported by number of DVD decks and the PS2. If you really want to tap the bottom and 5.1 to take advantage of Dolby Digital or DTS will invest in a decoder, or a kit that includes one. In the comparison, only three kits fulfill this contract: the Z-5500 and Z-5400 Logitech and Creative Labs DT7700. Among these three, the Z-5400 is my first choice

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