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Thread: Dell Media Centre Remote with Dell Studio

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    Down Dell Media Centre Remote with Dell Studio

    In India, Dell ships Avermedia Nanoexpress HC82 TV Tuner card for laptops, Avermedia has its own remote and blaster, but Dell customizes it and sends its Own Dell MCE Remote ( P/N: OFW195) model RC1974507/00 , IR Blaster (Model: OVU412002/00 ) (helps in receiving the signals from Remote) and IR emitter cable (which you connect at the back of IR Blaster and the emitter helps send signal to the set top box to change channel etc. ) . Dell does not send any documentation with this in India and says to download documentation for all this from website but it is not their either ... all the buttons on the remote, what they are for, even tech support has no clue about it. The Dell MCE remote has a very good range and a blue light glows when you press any button. The IR emitter cable is long enough to connect to nearby boxes. The IR Blaster connects to the USB ports and Vista detected is a eHome Receiver. For all this thing to work, you have to be in the Media centre Mode. []

    I have attached the photo of the Avermedia Nanoexpress HC82 TV Tuner card Express card provided by Dell with its laptops in India ..... its shows the accessories that come with it which is quite different from the accessories provided by Avermedia if you buy this directly from market. This is a stripped down version of the actual card, with less capabilities, also Only Xp/Vista MCE will work with it, Avemedias own software i.e. Aver Tv and Aver Media centre will not detect this card even after installing original drivers in Dell systems. Specially the FM radio will not work though the original card from Aver has FM features. Dell does not specify this while selling it (sales person is too ignorant about this and dell website does not even name the card, just says tv tuner card) . one ends up spending around 4000/- to get a incapable card. People have even faced issues with Video capture. The worst part is all agents in Dell tecnical Support in India have no training or idea about this. They keep the case open saying we will do some research in the lab and get back to you. Dell should clearly mention what they are selling, not doing this is a clear violation of consumer rights. I will not reccomend this card but suggest buying the card directly from market.

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    Re: Dell Media Centre Remote with Dell Studio

    I have a very bad experience with Dell India. Recently, I bought a desktop from them. They promised that they will provide the upgrade on OS. It is more then 3 months and I am still struggling to get the same.

    The Sales team stop talking the moment the credit card payment was confirmed. The customer care do not repond to the mails. While making call, the only response is that they are working on it. I hope that they take decision before the new OS becomes obsolete.

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    Re: Dell Media Centre Remote with Dell Studio

    thanks for sharing your experience, it was really unprofessional on the dell parts to do something like thats. but now atleast other will get to know about it wont get fool by dell,it was really good on your part to alert others

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    Re: Dell Media Centre Remote with Dell Studio

    let me renew this thread with an issue related to the OP .

    as an experienced user he recommends this card to none here
    yet he sold it on the other forums saying that it is an excellent card !!!

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