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Thread: config tweak

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    config tweak

    Hi there:

    I have a config, tweak needed for best value for money.

    Building PC around Palit HD4850 card.

    Cabinet: Coolmaster 690.
    SMPS: Corsair VX450.
    Ram: 2 GB Kingston.
    Optical: Lite-On DVR-W.
    Drive: Seagate sata II 320 GB.
    Keyboard and Mouse: Logitec.
    Monitor: Samsung T220.
    Processor: E7200.
    Mobo: Asus P5Q.
    Speakers: Creative Inspire 5.1 with Sound Blaster 5.1.

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    Re: config tweak

    Well, I think you need to extend your Power Supply to 500 to 550 Watts for the graphics power connector and good flow of your mobo in respect of power fluctuations.

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    Re: config tweak

    Ya... Change PSU to Coolermaster 520 W real power modular. If you are taking the sonic version of the card, you will need the 8 pin connector avaliable with this model.

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    Re: config tweak

    Cool configuration, if you will consider one little thing mentioned in the above post, and that is also necessary if you want proper run of your system.

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    Re: config tweak

    Thanks a lot. Anyways my pc will be running almost 12-13 hours a week except Sunday, hope i won't face any problems.

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