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Thread: Building a customised computer from an old machine.

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    Building a customised computer from an old machine.

    I don't know what i am asking for.
    Let me go straight away with my question. So i have an old computer which i want to use as a media file storage computer Which will be having all audio & video files only. I don't want any other user to delete files from it & want to secure it. Want to give user to log in as a guest connect their flash drive & copy pest whatever file they wish. The files will be organised as a library. So is there any software available for all this what i think is not impossible!

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    So you can do this with XP only i dont think you need any special software!
    You can have only 2 accounts
    1) Admin - Maintained by you.
    2) User OR guest - For users to log in & take the data.
    Only thing you need is set file permission & you are done!

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    I think this is a good idea to have 2 user accounts but i dont think a guest user can not delete files from my machine.

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    Well i think you need an CMS for this purpose.
    Which can lock your computer from all user other than administrator.
    So that no one can access the files directly from startup or dos.
    Only way to navigate will be the software itself to search desired file on the computer & then copy or something like a download tab to destination USB flash drive. Well this thing you can incorporate with a website which can work for you. I hope this helps!

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